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The Dominican Republic, well known as the gateway to Caribbean Paradise, is rapidly becoming known as the Medical Tourism Paradise particularly for plastic, dental and oral surgery. Medical tourism has been quickly growing in the Dominican Republic which has the advantage of close proximity to the United States and easy travel accessibility to Europe and Latin America.
The quality of services has improved dramatically over the last 5-7 years. The improvement in care is due to more doctors specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery, In Vitro Fertilization and cosmetic dental surgery, were educated and trained in medical and clinical institutions in the United States.

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa provides PostOp Recovery House (short term clinical care facility) staffed with FT Medical Doctor, 24/7 staffed with licensed and accredited RN’s, Trained Chef, Custodian Services and Full Time Drivers. For additional information please visit CroCaribe Recovery & Spa website.